Everything You Need To Know About Power Banks

Everything You Need To Know About Power Banks

Battery performance is still a concern for smartphones, despite developments in technology that have made them more powerful and efficient. Power banks are little block-like devices that store enough energy to allow you to continually charge your phone. Without the need for a regular charger or power outlet, and that is why many manufacturers, such as Baseus, have begun making them. In addition to that, they typically include other features that make them even more advanced. We bet you didn’t know the following things regarding power banks:

A Power Banks Can Be Used To Charge Your Laptop

If you have a laptop that requires 12V power, there are several bases power banks that include a USB 5V output, so you can charge your phone or tablet at the same time.

The USB-C PD protocol is also supported by power banks, allowing you to charge your laptop if it has a USB-C connection.

To use a USB-C port to charge your laptop, you’ll need a USB-C cable with USB-C connectors on both ends, which should purchased separately. The removable USB-C cable that came with your laptop charger may used to connect the power bank to charge your device.

If your power bank and gadget both have a 5A rating, you may charge your laptop even faster, but you’ll have to buy a cable with the same rating as well.

It is possible to charge a Power Bank at the same time as you are charging a mobile device with the same model. Because a power bank is powered by a battery, like your device, it will eventually run out of battery and need to be charged as well.

When you need to charge your phone, you don’t want to have a dead power bank that won’t be able to do so, thus some models contain a pass-through function that allows the power bank to recharge while also charging your phone.

It’s Possible to Quickly Charge Some Power Banks

A quick charge option has added to many modern devices, allowing them to charge very fast. To meet the new feature, power bank manufacturers have added quick charge options to their devices.

Be sure that the power bank’s stated supported standard matches your smartphone’s quick charge standard before using it to charge your device quickly. When it comes to power bank capacity, charging capacity is not the same.

Using the same mAh rating as to your phone or laptop’s battery, a power bank appears to be able to store more power than it actually can.

This is because converting the mAh rating to watt-hour (Wh), which measures power over time, would result in a lesser capacity for determining the actual energy used by the device.

Manufacturers identify their products with only the mAh rating so that you can calculate the number of charges based on your phone’s mAh and the power bank’s mAh. This makes it easy for customers to understand. At around two-thirds of the voltage, it’s best to underestimate a power bank’s actual battery capacity.

Using a Power Bank’s High-Amperage Port Can Heat Up the Battery

Power banks that come with fast-charging ports aren’t always the best option, as they may overheat and reduce their total charging capacity while in use. Switching off your phone while it’s charging might help save your battery’s power.

Lithium-Ion Batteries in Power Banks Could Be Harmful in Certain Situations.

Because lithium-ion batteries will carry a lot of power and allow your device to charge more quickly, they are commonly use in power banks. However, if not handled properly, they can be explosive in certain situations.

If you’re going to use a power bank, be sure it’s been certified by an environmental safety organization like UL or something similar. Make sure it is protect from overheating and overcharging, among other things, so that it may charged and use safely.

Avoid puncturing or crushing the device in the meanwhile, since doing so might generate a short inside and explode the device. It is also harmful to expose the gadget to direct heat, such as that from the ultraviolet heat.

You can make the most of your charger and save money at the same time by knowing everything about power banks.